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DM-EasyBiz POS- Point of sale system is specially designed to manage all the operations of a retail store. Some of the main features are:

Taking Order - Take orders by touch and scanning the products. The system is already integrated with various different kind of scanners including handheld, orbit and counter top to make the process faster for cashier and complete more billing with most accuracy in less time.

Weight Scale - System also integrates with various weight scales including countertop weight scales. The system will read weight from the scale.

Time Manager - Employee Clock-in/clock-out and Time manager to manage employee hours.

Employee Roles - Role-based security and Access code to the employees to restrict the area of access to the system and track employee orders.

Inventory management - System will manage and track your inventory at various stock levels such as Minimum level, maximum level, reorder level and current stock level and give alerts on the inventory short. The system also has the option to manage spills and broken items adjustments in the inventory. Inventory can be handled at the various category and department levels, brands, colors, styles if applied.

Purchasing - Purchase order and receiving process made easy including a suggested order plan under which system will suggest you the items and its suggested quantities required to order on the basis of current sales and receives the order and update inventory automatically.

Shift Handling - There can be multiple shifts in the business, the system will manage all the shifts, shift opening and closing and shift sale etc.

Company/Business accounts - system has an option to manager customer ledger including their credit limits, due invoices, and balances.

Gift Cards and Loyalty - System has the feature to activate, refill and use Gift Cards and Loyalty plan to further promote your business and retain customers.

Payment Terminal - Multiple payment options, e.g. Cash, Credit, Debit, Check and Gift cards. Payment is already integrated with all the major payment service providers so employees do not have to manually punch payment on the payment terminals. The system will take care of you to avoid further mistakes.

Expenses - Manage all your business-related expenses to further plan your business and track which area is taking more on expenses and need further attention.

Reporting - All the reports to analyze, manage and plan for your business to take it to next level. Reports for Sales, Inventory, Audit, Purchase, and Employees. Reports can be filtered on the basis of various criteria such as Date Range, Employees, Category, Departments etc.

DMEasyBiz POS is not only your Point of Sale system, but a complete solution to run your business. A local and Canadian company which keep doing research on the Canadian market to understand the current and future trends to further enhance and update the system so that you are not left behind the competition.
Call now at mostrar inf. contato or mostrar inf. contato to book an appointment to set up a demo and further discuss how DMEasyBiz can increase your profit and lower down your costs.
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